On Saturday, Aug. 5, Center Point Historical Society members took a field trip to the La Porte City FFA Historical & Ag Museum. The museum, started by volunteers and the school FFA in 1972, has been called “one of the best kept secrets in Northeast Iowa.”

Fourteen Historical Society members, kids and friends visited the Museum, its 1878 firehouse/jailhouse and 1861 log cabin. Museum director Jan Erdahl led a special tour for the group and shared lots of practical tips on museum management.

The La Porte Museum special exhibit this year is “Reflections of the 60’s.” The Center Point Depot Museum is just finishing up a two-year display on “The 50s & 60s.”

On Sunday, Aug. 27, the last day of the Center Point Depot Museum’s summer season will be an informal program from 2 to 4 on “Remembering the Fifties and Sixties.” The All Iowa Mustang Club will have vintage cars in the parking lot. Elvis will be in the building. People will have a chance to visit about the draft and poodle skirts and crew cuts and assassinations and share stories of when they were young and dumb. Root beer floats are promised.

The Historical Society finished planning the event at its July 27th meeting and also planned for a sales table and having the Strait Log Cabin open at the city’s Wakema Park 50th anniversary party July 29. That was the last opening for the Cabin at its old site. This month the project begins of lifting, repairing and moving the Cabin to a site south of the Depot Museum on the Nature Trail.

The Cabin project is possible because of a grant from the Linn County Supervisors and Historic Preservation Commission and the generosity of the Linn County Conservation Board and Department and the city of Center Point.