The Center Point Historical Society at its January 29 meeting started planning for a cabin warming party for the 1850s Strait Log Cabin it moved to the Depot Museum site last year.

A new roof and sidewalk are the biggest parts of the cabin project remaining to be done. Previous work was funded with grants from the Linn County Historic Preservation Commission/Linn County Supervisors and from the city of Center Point.

The Historical Society decided to expand Depot Museum, and now Strait Log Cabin, open days which will be 2-4 Sundays from May 6 through September 30. Admission is free.

The theme for 2018 is medical. Anyone with stories, photos or display items about local doctors, nurses, dentists, ambulance service, etc. is asked to contact a Society member. Dr. C.W. Troup, who just retired after 50 years of veterinarian practice in CP and was recently featured in this paper, has already loaned old equipment for the vet history exhibit.

The Society will also be doing its 8th annual CP Cemetery Walk—August 26–and invites suggestions for subjects and portrayers.

Officers for 2018 are: president Philip Andersen, vice president Dennis Schlicht, secretary Sharon Hannen, treasurer Teresa Scheeler, historian Virginia Benson. Directors are Collin Aarhus, Linda Schlicht and Daphne Craig Miller.

The Historical Society meets at the Depot Museum at 7 p.m. the last Thursday of the month. Guests are always welcome. Dues are $10 annually in January.