By Rich Hannen

Dr. Derek Buckaloo, chair of the Coe College history department, spoke to the Center Point Historical Society members and guests about the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s at the Depot Museum June 25.

He talked about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was 26 and a young preacher “still wet behind the ears” when he was picked as spokesman for the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955 and who became the face of the entire civil rights movement within a decade.

But Dr. Buckaloo pointed out that one of main organizers responsible for the success of the boycott was E.D. Nixon of the Pullman Porters Union. And it took ordinary black people getting to work every day NOT on the buses for about a year to win.

Dr. Buckaloo said: “Personalizing social movements—the Great Man theory of history—almost always misleads us. Nobody should be waiting around for the hero to show up and do what needs to be done.

“Social Change is always messy and contested. It discomforts a lot of people; it is too loud.”


July 16—“Talking About Trains,” free informal program and train-lovers’ gathering; Uncontested is the fact that lots of people love trains and trains are the topic of the next special event at the Center Point Historical Society Depot Museum, 700 E. Washington, Center Point; on the Cedar Valley bike trail beginning at 2 p.m.   Questions: 319-721-6948.

The free event “Talking About Trains” will be an informal gathering of train buffs featuring the W.C.F & N. electric rail line which is now the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. Bring your train stories and artifacts to share and listen to an actual recording of riding on “Our” Interurban.