Bring It On the Musical was written by Jeff White, Tom Kitt, Amanda Green, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the epic hit Broadway musical Hamilton.
Bring It On, inspired by the 2000 movie starring Kirsten Dunst, tells the story of Campbell, played by Gracie Horst, who gets redistricted from preppy Truman High School to rougher, edgier Jackson High School, where (gasp) THERE IS NO CHEER SQUAD! Campbell and the nerdy Bridget (Sarah Schminke), also redistricted, convince the dance crew, Danielle (Rachel Tandy), Lacey (Baylee Bruce), and Nautica (Hannah Kalous) to form a cheer squad. The crew girls, in turn, convince Cameron (Casey Funk), Twig (Cole Neilson), and Randall (Gabe Schmidt ) to join them as they head to regionals to compete against Truman’s finest, Skylar (Taylor Berry), Kylar (Olivia Coder), Steven (Andrew Wirth), and the evil Eva (Allissa Hendryx).
The Bring It On musical score is modern and completely addictive, with sass, rap, and plenty of heart. The Broadway production employed several professional cheerleaders to fill out their company. VSHS Drama took a page from that book and encouraged several Voyager members to the join the cast. The Voyager cast members have enjoyed trying out some newfound acting skills, and the VSHS players have definitely stepped up their dancing game!
Show your school spirit this weekend, Friday, November 10 at 7 pm, Saturday, November 11 at 7 pm, or Sunday, November 12 at 2 pm. Bring It On tickets are $5 at the door. Doors open 30 minutes before the show. Rah! Rah!
Cast, choreographers, crew and directors include:
CAMPBELL – Gracie Horst
BRIDGET – Sarah Schminke
DANIELLE – Rachel Tandy
NAUTICA – Hannah Kalous
LACEY – Baylee Bruce
TWIG – Colston Neilson
CAMERON – Casey Funk
RANDALL – Gabe Schmidt
EVA – Allissa Hendryx
SKYLAR – Taylor Berry
KYLAR – Olivia Coder
STEVEN – Andrew Wirth
TRUMAN SQUAD: Maggie Davis, Chelsee Tharp, Brynn Johnson, Taylor Shipley
JACKSON CREW: Leah Bohnsack, Brandi Gerber, Amanda Cardenas, Katelyn Humiston, Makena Solberg
RICH GIRLS: Cassie Hazen, Riley Bateman
GOTH GIRLS: Cassie Hazen, Riley Bateman
GOTH GUY: Jeremiah Brown
STUDENTS: Charley Cooling, Merle Hedinger, Jordan Pattee, Eli Powers, Jessica Staton, Madison Voshell
DIRECTOR – Marcy Horst
Main CHOREOGRAPHER – Gracie Horst
It’s All Happening CHOREO – Rachel Tandy & the Jackson Crew
Killer Instinct CHOREO – Taylor Berry
I Got You CHOREO – Rachel Tandy & Gracie Horst
LIGHTS – Jenna Lane, Christian Silver, Denise Perez
TECH – Jenna Lane
SOUND – Rhianna Turner
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