The final film that features Hugh Jackman as the beloved X-Men character, Wolverine, will be at the Palace this week.

Opening Friday, April 7 through Thursday, April 13, Logan plays every evening at 7 pm, and in our regular Monday matinee.

Critics have raved about Jackman’s last installment as Wolverine in the film Logan. Some critics even go as far as saying it is “one of the best superhero films of all time.” Jackman has played the Wolverine character in nine different films panning 17 years. The Wolverine storyline is the third longest superhero storyline ever portrayed in films, just behind Superman and Batman.

In the film, Wolverine (originally given the name Logan) has exiled himself from everyone except his mentor, Professor X (Patrick Stewart). With the blessing and curse of being able to heal from any ailment, Logan has separated himself from all ability to love those that come into his life in an attempt to prevent further pain (he lost his family in a previous Wolverine film). When a small girl (Dafne Keen) comes into his world, Logan wants to keep away from her, let someone else help her, keep himself from getting hurt. As the situation continues, Logan realizes that this girl is curiously like him. Her powers and her emotions reflect his own, and he finally acknowledges that he can’t help but get involved in her life.

Hugh Jackman has said that after 17 years, this will be his final appearance as Wolverine. He has said that he wanted to leave the franchise on a high note, and that it “feels right” to end Logan’s story this way. Critics have speculated that the girl may continue to take the XMen franchise in a new direction and develop her character further.

Logan is a film for all audiences, not just superhero fans. It is even similar to a Western, with the main characters traveling across the country eluding the bad guys. Logan is the second highest grossing film of 2017, just behind Beauty and the Beast. Although the film appeals to broader audiences, it’s important to note that it is rated R.

This film is not for children, and it’s not “just a little bit worse” than a PG-13 film. Parents should strongly consider Logan’s rating for strong, brutal violence, language (many f words) partial nudity, substance abuse, and mistreatment of children. Many critics have said these elements are justified by overarching themes that explore the meaning of family, relationships, loss, and humanity.