Melilssa McCarthy as a 40-something divorcee who goes back to college…with her daughter!

OPENING FRIDAY: Life of the Party

Rated PG-13

Run time: 105 minutes

Friday, May 25th through Thursday, May 31st at 7 PM Monday, May 28th at 2 PM

Marcy here, filling in for Abby to get in front of the schedule change. Hopefully by now you’ve heard that Avengers: Infinity War has been postponed. In it’s place we have the hilarious and touching coming of middle age Life of the Party. The movie industry is struggling due to early video release dates, home theatres, and the “I gotta be the first one to see it” culture. We small, independent theatres are definitely at the bottom of the food chain. Studios now charge well over 50% for us to screen a film, often tacking on extra fees and conditions like the one we received for Avengers, “you must keep it for three weeks.” Hence, no Avengers til June 8. TBH, the Palace survives only because of YOU, our loyal patrons, awesome vounteers, and generous community donations. Movie attendance at the Palace has been low lately. We’re all looking forward to the start of summer box office season, starting with the latest from Ms McCarthy and friends, including Maya Rudolph, Julie Bowen, and Christina Aguilera. According to, Life of the Party ranks fairly high on the sex and nudity and language scales. This may be the week to hit up grandma and grandpa to watch the younger set.

See you this week at the PARTY!

In June: Tully opening June 1, Avengers: Infinity War June 8, Book Club June 15, Oceans 8 June 22, Solo June 29 – RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW!