Paddington Bear, one of England’s most beloved fictional characters, is brought to the big screen again in the new film Paddington 2.

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Paddington is a charming bear- polite, friendly, and kind. As the star of many children’s books, Paddington will delight both children and adults in his latest film. Paddington works odd jobs to save his money in order to buy an antique book for his Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday. At the last moment, the book is discovered stolen! Although the bookkeeper doesn’t believe Paddington stole it, his is still thrown in to jail.

Paddington befriends many people in jail, and tries to stay positive. His optimism is put to the test when he realizes that the thief escaped, and he his family is unable to prove his innocence. Paddington is left with no choice- he must devise a jailbreak! Meanwhile the thief has found that the book holds the map to discover the author’s secret treasure. He follows the clues to different London landmarks, each one providing the next clue.

Paddington’s family, the Browns, begin to suspect the thief of his wrongdoing. They follow him and learn they are correct- but how do they prove it? And what about the treasure? Paddington is able to escape- but how will he clear his name?

Paddington 2 features the voice talents of Ben Whishaw, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent, and more. It has been nominated for multiple awards and won “Truly Moving Picture” Award in the Heartland Film Festival.

David Sims of The Atlantic wrote, “For those looking specifically for excellent family entertainment, it’s a must-see; but even other viewers will find this movie well worth their time.” Paddington 2 is rated PG.