By Palace Manager Marcy Horst

Calling all creatures! Especially the young ones!

“The Wild Life” in 3D, rated PG, and running 91 minutes, opens Friday, September 30 and plays through Thursday, October 7 at 7 pm, and in our regular 2 pm matinee on Monday, October 3.

This adventure comedy is the story of Robinson Crusoe, as told by island-dwelling animals, in all their animated glory. You’ll meet Mak the parrot and Rosie the tapir, as well as a chameleon, a kingfisher, an echidna, and a blind goat. When the shipwrecked Crusoe arrives on the island, he also introduces a dog and two unfortunate cats into the mix.

You can either Google “echidna” like I did, or come see the show! I promise – it’ll be WILD!