By Rose Trafford

NOW SHOWING Fri, Dec 22 – Thurs, Dec 23 at 7 pm Sat, Dec 23 at 4 pm Sun, Dec 24 at 2 pm CLOSED MONDAY Tues, Dec 26 – Thurs, Dec 28 at 7 pm

We all know the story of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. What we may not have thought about, however, are all of the animals that are present in the story. A donkey to carry Mary. The camels to carry the Wise Men. Doves in the sky, sheep in the field, animals in the manger. The Star tells the Christmas story with an interesting twist: it’s from the perspective of the animals.

There’s Bo the donkey (Steven Yeun), Leah the horse (Kelly Clarkson), Rebecca the hen (Mariah Carey), Abby the mouse (Kristin Chenoweth), Felix and Cyrus the camels (Tracy Morgan and Tyler Perry), Deborah the camel (Oprah Winfrey), and Kris Kristofferson as the Old Donkey. Together, the animals support the main characters and solve their own problems. With side stories and laughs, The Star is a fresh adaption of “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”

Sony Animation, who produced the film, intends to produce an inspiring, respectful, and entertaining take on the famous Nativity story while remaining accessible to broad audiences. The Star has already received the “Truly Moving Picture” award from the Heartland Film Festival. It is nominated for “Best Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production” and “Best Editorial in an Animated Feature Production” from the Annie awards. It is also nominated for the a Golden Globe- “Best Original Song”, ‘The Star” by Mariah Carey. Chris Carpenter of CBN wrote, “Filled with humor and heart, The Star will attract viewers on several levels. Young audiences will be swept up in the visual brightness of screen and script while adults will enjoy the strong storylines presented from this unlikely cast of cattle, birds, and beasts.”

The Star will have an extra showing at 4pm on Saturday, December 23rd, and will ONLY show at 2pm on Sunday, December 24th. There will be no 7pm showing on Christmas Eve and no show on Christmas Day.