Dakota Rundlett’s chance to win the trailer races ended with this moment, when firefighters had to douse the flames under his mangled hood.

The Benton County Fair, for the past several years, has continued to bring thousands of people to Vinton for a variety of reasons: Livestock shows, the flower and garden shows, hundreds of 4-H projects, the carnival games and rides, and the grandstand events.

A favorite among the grandstand events for the past several years has been the Night of Destruction, in which a variety of participants display a variety of ways to make riding in a vehicle exciting and entertaining. The several hours of “don’t try this at home, or on the highway” acts included a wall of fire and a car roll-over by “Wild Will” Kirk, some unique racing events and the crowd favorite: Trailer races. This event is not an actual race, but a moving demolition derby in which pickup drivers begin with a trailer attached and must try to separate their opponents’ trailers from their trucks while keeping their own vehicles intact and running.

Everyone walked away from the event, although there were a couple of small fires and a couple of pickups ended up getting rolled over.

Vinton native Dakota Rundlett’s vehicle was among those who caught on fire, but he, too, escaped unharmed as the Keystone Fire Department extinguished the flames under his hood.

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