The last time for you to see the Verdeen cousins in action at the Palace is this month, with “The Last Roundup of the Guacamole Queens.”  This is the 3rd show in the series started with the “Red Velvet Cake War.”
Director Doug Martens is excited to bring this last and final saga of the Verdeen Cousins to the Palace Stage.   This show has the cousins preparing for the last high school reunion of old SweetGum high before it is demolished.   The cousins still need to contend with Aunt LaMerle (Caroline Dick) the sassy matriarch and Uncle Aubry (Jim HIlliard) the almost 100-year-old who still is ready to make a goal for super seniors everywhere.
The cousins this year are  played by  April Seitz, Holly Overturf, and Sherry Stout and joined by a cast of new and old members to round out the show.  The show is fun for one and all.   This is definitely a PG show show be prepared for a few bad words and some innuendo.  Come out and enjoy a fun night of comedy and humor.
The shows are Friday, November 16 and 17 and 7pm and Sunday, November 18 at 2pm.  Tickets are available in advance at or at the door.  GEM donor passes can be redeemed at the door.
Cast members:
CeeCee Windham – Melody Spence
Jimmie Wyvette Verdeen – Sherry Stout
Peaches Verdeen Belrose – April Seitz
Gaynelle Verdeen – Holly Overturf
LaMerle Verdeen Minshaw – Caroline Dick
Aubrey Verdeen – Jim Hilliard
Dixie Davenport – Cathi Calderwood
Ennis  Crowder Pucket – Sue Gates
Della Crowder – Nancy Beckman
Sheriff Grover Lout – Mitch Mensen
Dewy Davenport – Cory Pierce
Raynard Chisum – Chris Overturf
Tanzie Lockhart – Karen Von Schaumburg
See  you at the show!!!!