Eighteen years after Tom Cruise turned down the title role in 1999’s The Mummy, he’s starring in Universal Pictures’ Dark Universe rendition of the  film.

The Mummy plays the Palace Friday, June 30 through Thursday, July 6 at 7 pm, and Monday, July 3 at 2 pm. Sofia Boutella plays the title character, an undead form of the Egyptian princess Ahmanet. She was first in line to succeed her father Pharaoh Menehptre only to be stripped of her birthright when his second wife gave birth to a son.

Determined to claim the throne for herself, Ahmanet sold her soul to the Egyptian god Set, who gave her a special dagger to transfer his spirit into a different body. After murdering her family, Ahmanet
attempted to sacrifice her lover to give Set physical form, but her father’s priests killed him and mummified Ahmanet, sentencing her to be buried alive for eternity inside a sarcophagus surrounded by mercury so that her monstrous form will not escape the tomb.

In present day Iraq, the soldier Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) and his friend Chris Vail (Jake Johnson) accidentally stumble across the tomb. They invite archaeologist Jenny Hasley (Annabelle Wallis) to check out the tomb, and she confirms that it is no ordinary tomb, but a prison. The group pulls the sarcophagus out of the tomb and prepare it to be transported by plane to England. During the flight, Chris Vail is possessed by Ahmanet’s power, causing him to attack the rest of the passengers. No one survives the ensuing fight except Jenny, who is thrown off the plane with a parachute by Nick.

Nick wakes up in a morgue in England, where he learns that Ahmanet plans to use his body
as a vessel for Set. Nick must fight against the possession and powers of Ahmanet, or she will wreak havoc over the modern world and spread the evil she’s been holding for centuries.

The Mummy has done well at most box offices, and claims the highest grossing global opening of any Tom Cruise film to date. The next Universal Pictures Dark Universe film with be Bride of Frankenstein, set to release in 2019.

The Mummy will be shown in 3D and has an MPAA rating of PG-13 for violence, action and
scary images, and for some suggestive content and partial nudity.

Steve Persall from the Times Movie Critic said, “The Mummy offers several such treats including a visual nod to Fraser’s 1999 version and its then-state-of-art sand storm demon. We see a claw from The Creature From the Black Lagoon, a skull that could be Dracula’s and a key character who could be the corpse pal in An American Werewolf in London reincarnated.”


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