Wanda Sellers, age 90, surrounded by four younger generations. Standing are great-granddaughter Jessica Good, holding her sons, Carter (age 5) and Braxton (5 months); Sadja Sondag (Wanda’s granddaughter), Wendy Pennington (daughter) and great-granddaughter Maraya Sondag, holding her son, Shae Hacker (age 1 month) with son Leyland Miller, age 3 in front of her. In front of Wanda are Dustin Sondag (great-grandson) with Wanda’s great-granddaughters Rayna on his right and Raelynn on his lap. In the photo above Wanda’s head are great-grandson Matt and great-great grandson Dawsyn.

Wanda Sellers has an opportunity that few people can enjoy: Seeing her great-great grandchildren.

And she’s lived long enough to see the fifth generation include seveng great-grandchildren, from one month old to age 7.

The family recently gathered for a family photo. All but two of her descendants were able to join the family for the photo.

Wanda’s great-granddaughter, Jessica Good, says her children also have another great-great grandparent still living and her family plans a different five-generation photo for next month.