NCCC members trimming trees along hiking trail

By Lindsey Hladky

AmeriCorps NCCC team, Oak 6, is serving with two organizations this project round. They are spending 5 weeks at YMCA Camp Miller in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota and 3 weeks at Camp To Belong in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Oak 6 is currently serving with YMCA Camp Miller in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota. The team is clearing an overgrown trail in order to make it more traversable. Additionally, Oak 6 is assisting with building two new cabins for the camp counselors. So far, Oak 6 has cleared over half a mile of trail and built the foundation and frames on two cabins.

One member stated, “What I hope to gain from this project is a better understanding of the YMCA and how they benefit their community. I hope to learn new skills and get to know the community of Camp Miller.”

Oak 6 has also had the pleasure of working at Camp One Heartland for an Independent Service Project. They helped to prepare the camp for the upcoming week and do some general gardening work. In their free time, Oak 6 enjoys swimming in beautiful Sturgeon Lake and hanging out around camp.

Oak 6 is looking forward to working at Camp To Belong in the next couple of weeks. At Camp To Belong, they will be working with foster kids and their siblings. Oak 6 will later return to Camp Miller to finish up their work. They will be building a fence around a newly planted apple orchard. Oak 6’s work at Camp Miller will help to create a better experience for the children who attend their camp every summer.

NCCC helping build a cabin at YMCA Camp MillerBy Lindsey Hladky