Members Levi and Kyle weeding

Fully weeded snow fence site

By: Levi Farlee

An AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) team, Maple 6, just wrapped up their service in Hancock, Wisconsin where they were helping make a long-term investment against the dangers of wind and soil erosion. Members of Maple 6 served with the Central Wisconsin Windshed Partnership (CWWP) helping install and maintain windbreaks and living snow fences throughout the Central Sands area.

These windbreaks and living snow fences, composed of rows of alternating tree and shrub species, are carefully planted and maintained to prevent the erosion of Wisconsin soil. By serving with the CWWP, Maple 6 helped to prevent the environmental and economic damages that could result from wind erosion of public and private properties throughout the region. Team members weeded and helped CWWP staff install protective fabric in the area’s many new and previously created windbreaks. Maple 6 assisted in maintaining thousands of feet of windbreak at a wide variety of site throughout the Central Sands area. Through this work, the team helped keep thousands of trees in condition to grow into erosion-resistant windbreaks and snow fences as soon as possible.

Member Alex starting the weeding at a new site.

“I enjoyed being able to work side-by-side with the Central Wisconsin Windshed Partnership staff every day and achieve a lot of important work,” says Corps Member Ty from Harriman, Tennesse.

The Central Wisconsin Windshed Partnership’s (CWWP) mission is to use conservation and preservation methods to control wind erosion on cropland, and to protect farmsteads, residential areas, roads, and highways in Central Wisconsin through the establishment of windbreaks, shelterbelts, and living snow fences. Through assisting with their work, AmeriCorps NCCC helped to conserve and protect Wisconsin from erosion by supporting the CWWP’s investment in windbreaks and living snow fences.

The team wrapped up their service with CWWP on August 4 and then headed to Bemidji, Minnesota where they will be supporting Bemidji Community Food Shelf through September 5.