At every annual Vinton Cruise, vehicle admirers are sure to see something that they have not seen before. This year, at least one of those unique vehicles belongs to a Benton County Supervisor.

A red and white AmphiCar made passers-by stop and look twice, first at the white life-saving ring attached to the trunk, and then at the dual propellors between the back tires.

“Yes, it’s a car and a boat!” Rick wrote on the small sheet of paper identifying cruise entries and their owners, of his 1967 AmphiCar.

“I was pretty fortunate to find this car,” says Rick Primmer of Vinton. The county supervisor said he was in Florida when he met a man from New Hampshire who had to sell his Amphicar because of health reasons. Primmer says he has learned that only about 300 of the 3,800 AmphiCars ever made are still in use.

Primmer and his wife, Pam, have taken the car to some Iowa lakes. In addition to the license plate for road driving, the vehicle also has a window sticker for water use.

The AmphiCar’s unique properties have inspired its use in several movies. President Lyndon B. Johnson also had one, and his biographers say he enjoyed scaring visitors by taking them for a ride on his ranch in Texas, and while heading downhill toward a lake on his property, LBJ would exclaim that his brakes had failed before the car continued safely into the water.

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