The State of Iowa Judicial Branch is pleased to announce the following recipients of the Sixth Judicial District’s annual awards, to be formally presented at a reception on February 20, 2017, at 1:30 p.m. at the Linn County Courthouse. Patrick R. Grady, Chief Judge of the Sixth Judicial District, will preside over the ceremony.

The public and family and friends of the award recipients are encouraged to attend.

Refreshments will be provided.

Exemplary Service Awards will be given to:

Exemplary Service Awards Friend of the Court Award, Annie Tucker, Iowa City (Mediation Services of Eastern Iowa) Teamwork Award, Anne Ogden, Solon (Johnson County Clerk’s Office) Public Service Award, Elizabeth Roberts, Coralville (Linn County Judicial Assistant) Employee of the Year Award, Ronda Ogreen, Cedar Rapids (Linn County Clerk’s Office) Distinguished Service Award, Deb Shields, Palo (Court Reporter) Dedicated Service Awards

10 Years of Service – Brian Burroughs (Vinton), Jolene Hackert (Marion), Joyce Hite (Lisbon), Chris Wyatt (Iowa City), Michele Mason (North Liberty), Candice Blake (Cedar Rapids), Judge Russell Keast (Cedar Rapids), Magistrate Lorraine Machacek (Cedar Rapids), Magistrate Robin O’Brien-Licht (Cedar Rapids), Jaclyn Sherman (Gladbrook), Judge Fae Hoover-Grinde (Cedar Rapids)

20 Years of Service – Douglas Zanka (Cedar Rapids)

25 Years of Service – Vickie Rebelskey (North liberty), Laura Gearhart (Coggon)

30 Years of Service – Jody Klett (Walford), Christine Slaymaker (Center Point), Kerry Thomas (Anamosa), Margaret Zimmerman (Cedar Rapids), Karla Fuller, Deb Skelton (Cedar Rapids), Judge Marsha Bergan (Iowa City)

45 Years of Service – Bill Wulf (Cedar Rapids)