Pack 47 Scouts pose with cakes before the auction Saturday.

Carter Smith poses with the cake he made, featuring arrows and a bulls-eye, made with KitKat candy bars and blue, red and yellow M & M’s

Thanks to the help of 21 Scouts and their families, and the friends and relatives of Scouts who made eight cakes for the open class, the First Annual Pack 47 Cub Scout Cake Auction was a big success, raising $620 for club projects and inspiring many fun, original cake designs.

Awardees included:
Best decorated
1st place – Jacob Dudley
Runner-up-  Miles Neblung

Destiny Slager’s marshmallow cake was voted favorite in the open class.

Most Creative

1st place- Oliver Whalen
Runner-up-  Dakota Slager
Public Choice
1st Place- Jacob Dudley
Runner-up-  Jack Geiger
Open Class 1st Place- Destiny Slager
The Cub Scout cake raised the most ($41): Cade Oldfather and Jack Geiger
Open Class cake raised the most ($27): Destiny Slager
The Scouts offered a special thank you to Col. Jeff Geiger, who volunteered his time on Saturday to serve as auctioneer.
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