Mrs. Laurie Hyland’s 3rd grade students at Tilford Elementary recently studied advertising and communication. The unit included the opportunity for each student to write a short, persuasive advertisement for items or specific products.

Below, in their own words, are those students’ advertisements:


Gorilla Gym

By Ava Bearbower

Do you want your children active? Are you tired of your children sitting in front of the TV? Well, buy Gorilla Gym! It’s never too hot, too cold, or too rainy to play and Mom is never too busy to take you to the park. And, if that is not enough, we’ll double the offer! There is no drilling, just tighten to the door. It can hold up to 300 pounds! Buy it today and we will send you a free swing set with a slide! Buy Gorilla Gym today!


Basketball Hoop

By Dylan Long

Do you want your kids to play outside? You should buy a basketball hoop. Your kids will get fresh air and not mess up your house. Running around outside will keep your kids healthy and fit. And, if you don’t like it, you can return it and you will get the money back. And that is why you should buy a basketball hoop.


By Lily Griffith

Do your kids fight over each other’s devices? Do the kids that have devices say no when other siblings ask to play? Then you should buy an iPod. It is fun and there will be no more fighting over devices. It has games, contacts to text, and a place for notes. It has a calendar so you know what you are doing that day. If you buy one today, you’ll get one free and two chargers. Buy an iPod and get ready for fun!



By Kaylein Rock

Do you ever feel lonely, bored, or have nothing to do? You should get something fun like a cat. Cats can do tricks and keep you company. Get a cat today!



By Chloey Sercy

Do you want your kids to play all the time? You should buy a kitten! You won’t be alone. Also, you will have a friend at home and you won’t have bad dreams. If you get sad, you will have a friend to cheer you up. Every time you are bored you have a friend you can play with and when you are sleeping your little kitten can cuddle with you. This is why you should get a kitten.


PS 3

By Kaden Fisher

Do you like to play video games? Do you want your children to stay calm? Do you want your children to make new friends? Then you should buy a PS 3. They can make new friends by playing video games. You can watch movies. You can get games you can’t get on other devices. This is why you should buy a PS 3.


Basketball Hoop

By Alex Torres

Are you tired of your kids sitting on the couch? Well, buy a basketball hoop. You can keep your kids entertained. The kids and their friends will have a blast. And, when you are trying to do your work the kids will stay outside. It comes with a thirty-day guarantee. If you don’t like it, we will take it back. Best of all, you will get a free basketball with any NBA team logo on it. So, buy a basketball hoop today!



By Sierra Marzen

Are your kids sitting around all the time? Buy your kids an iPhone today! In case of an emergency, your kid can contact an adult. Your kid can do some research for school on their iPhone. Buy an iPhone today and you will get two free chargers and even better, you will get a free iPhone case. Buy an iPhone today!

Aqua Beads

By Aly Erickson

Do you want to keep your kids entertained? You should buy Aqua Beads! They are very, very entertaining and you can be creative with them! They are easy to make. You can make gifts with them! They are very colorful. You can make any room in the house colorful by using Aqua Beads for decorations! And, that’s why you should buy Aqua Beads, Buy now and get 200 more beads free with the kit.



Do you need an iPhone to stay in touch? Well then, you should buy an iPhone! You can call people if you have an emergency. You can play games for free for a long car ride. You can look up stuff and it will be easy to get an education for school! And that’s why you should buy an iPhone. Plus, you get two chargers for free, so buy an iPhone!


Playstation VR

By Eli Ollinger

Do you not want to move your thumbs around when you play video games? You should buy a Playstation VR. Your thumbs get tired when playing video games, but with a Playstation VS you don’t use them as much. In a Playstation VR you look around as if you are really there. It’s really fun to experience new places. If you don’t like that, we’ll send you two games for free. And that’s why you should buy a Playstation VR.


By Wesley McKenna

Are you tired of wanting to talk to someone without sending a letter? If something happened, could you contact someone for help? You should get a phone! You can use it for helpful things like a calculator or the compass. You can contact people in case of an emergency. Kids can contact their parents if someone is hurt or injured. That is why you should buy a phone.


By Alexajayne Thompson

Do your kids need a friend? You should buy a pet. It will keep your kids busy. If you get a pet today your kids will play with it. It will keep your kids happy and busy. Your kids will never lie on the couch again. It will keep your kids company at night and your kids will sleep with it. That’s why you should buy a pet.

Active Watch

Erijona Tafa

Do you want your kids to be healthy and fit? Then you should buy an Active Watch. You can stay healthy and fit. It is cheaper than a Fit Bit. You can choose from different colors and it has your initials on it. A Fit Bit is $100 and an Active Watch is only $40. Buy one today and you can get one for free! And that is why you should buy an active watch.


by Ashton Batteen
Do you need something to keep your kids busy?  You should buy Legos!  You can build stuff, be creative, play with other people, and learn to follow the directions or build things from your mind.  Kids can cooperate with one another.  You should get your kids a Lego set!
Kitchen Set
by Taryn Cripe
Do you want to teach your kids how to cook?  You should buy them a kitchen set!  Your kids can learn to cook!  When they fake cook they don’t burn themselves.  It would be fun!  You don’t need to teach your kids how took.  The food is made of plastic.  Your kids can have fun and learn at the same time.  And, that is why you should buy them a kitchen set.  If that isn’t enough, it coms with a free pan, too.