The first few weeks of the Vinton Prays boxes have already brought inspiring stories to the ladies who hope they will help others throughout our community.
“It’s been awesome,” says April Hummel, one of the organizers of the ladies who began this project during a small group session a few months ago. The boxes offer books, Bibles and other inspirational items free for borrowing for as long as necessary, and a slot for prayer requests.
“The prayer boxes have been a great addition to the beauty of this town,” says Hummel. “They have definitely opened up communication and relationships that I and the other ladies behind the boxes are now getting to experience.”
Shortly after the placement of the Hummel’s Park box, Hummel says she was able to share her faith with a woman dealing with grief.
“I was able to speak about God, our community and prayer with a woman who had just lost her father the day before,” Hummel recalls. “She even shared a story with me about a couple from Waterloo who visited the park and were in awe at Vinton having the 10 Commandments and a also prayer box on display.” The 10 Commandments are on a stone monument placed at Hummel Park in 2013, part of the Project Moses movement and sponsored by the local Knights of Columbus organization.
Yet, beyond these unique ministry opportunities, Hummel says the project simply offers help to many who are “just needing a listening ear and a checkup.”
“I am still checking in on the person who shared our the first prayer request we received,” Hummel says. “By sharing, these people find peace in their situations.”
And as is customary when people make efforts to help others, Hummel says she has personally been blessed and helped because of her participation in the project.
“To be honest, I think these boxes helped me to grow, love people in their places and to stand firm in my faith,” she says. “Also, all the donated items have been such a blessing and so many beautiful, beloved Bibles and handmade bookmarks have already been taken from the boxes.”
Also, Hummel says she has already been in contact with women from other towns. who have expressed interest in placing prayer boxes in their communities.
The local Prayer Boxes are located at the following:
613 B Avenue
704 A Street E (across the street from the Rec Center/Pool)
115 Scenic Drive
Echo Ministries (4th Street, downtown)
Hummel’s Park (Corner of 5th Street/2nd Ave.
See the Vinton Prays Facebook page HERE.

See more photos of the prayer boxes HERE.