The University of Iowa awarded more than 1,200 degrees at the close of the 2017 fall semester.

Following is an explanation of degrees:

  • AUD, Speech Pathology and Audiology
  • BA, Bachelor of Arts
  • BAS, Bachelor of Applied Studies
  • BBA, Bachelor of Business Administration
  • BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • BLS, Bachelor of Liberal Studies
  • BM, Bachelor of Music
  • BS, Bachelor of Science
  • BSE, Bachelor of Science in Engineering
  • BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • CER, Certificate
  • DDS, Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • DMA, Doctor of Musical Arts
  • DNP, Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • EDS, Specialist in Education
  • JD, Juris Doctor
  • LLM, Master of Laws
  • MA, Master of Arts
  • MAC, Master of Accountancy
  • MAT, Master of Arts in Teaching
  • MBA, Master of Business Administration
  • MCS, Master of Computer Science
  • MD, Doctor of Medicine
  • MFA, Master of Fine Arts
  • MHA, Master of Health Administration
  • MME, Master of Medical Education
  • MPA, Master of Physician Assistant
  • MPH, Master of Public Health
  • MS, Master of Science
  • MSN, Master of Science in Nursing
  • MSW, Master of Social Work
  • PHD, Doctor of Philosophy
  • PHR, Doctor of Pharmacy

Editor’s note: Students are listed alphabetically by hometown. A student may have received more than one degree or special academic recognition.


Carley Deklotz  BA-Psychology
Katrina Mahoney DPT


Joshua Mulder  BLS-Bachelor of Liberal Studies-Bachelor of Liberal Studies
Madeline Springer  BA-Chemistry

Tyler Allen Cherry  BBA-Finance
Cody Johnson  BA-Computer Science; BBA-Management