The following students from our area are among the students named to the Fall 2017 semester Dean’s List at the University of Northern Iowa.

To be included on the list, a student must have earned a grade point of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale, while taking at least 12 hours of graded work during the semester. On the 4.0 system, an A is worth four points; a B, three points; a C, two points, and a D, one point.

Atkins, IA Jessica Beatty
Atkins, IA Kelsey Ettleman
Atkins, IA Alyssa Hoeppner
Atkins, IA Remington McFadden
Atkins, IA Megan McGovern
Atkins, IA Timothy Morris
Atkins, IA Morgan Renfer
Atkins, IA Bryce Volk
Belle Plaine, IA Matthew Mengler
Center Point, IA Chase Boddicker
Dysart, IA Abigail Ollendieck
Fremont, IA Trevor Swartz
Garrison, IA Abigail Scheel
Keystone, IA Kaylee Kruse
La Porte City, IA Emily Johanningmeier
Mount Auburn, IA Morgan Hendryx
Mount Auburn, IA Jacob Higgins
Newhall, IA Joshua McKinney
Norway, IA Rachel Clarke
Norway, IA Sidney Volz
Van Horne, IA Carisa Meyer
Van Horne, IA Macy Miner
Van Horne, IA Michael Zittergruen
Vinton, IA Emily Blake
Vinton, IA Hannah Cayton
Vinton, IA Amanda Dedrick
Vinton, IA Michaela Frank
Vinton, IA Bristian Gerber
Vinton, IA Hannah Hoepner
Vinton, IA Samuel Huss
Vinton, IA Daisy Johnson
Vinton, IA Emma Lippmann
Vinton, IA Jessica Noren
Vinton, IA Warren Rouse
Vinton, IA Anna Sagan
Vinton, IA Nolan Sagan
Vinton, IA Hunter Vogt
Vinton, IA Makayla Westendorf
Walford, IA Lisa Christen
Walford, IA Abigail Curler
Walford, IA Joshua Piering