By Deb Cummings

I’ve had several scholarship questions come up this past week, which means our seniors are starting to think about preparing for college.  I thought this was a good time to put out some reminders regarding scholarships.

The scholarships we have been notified about are listed on our website:

We recommend that you check this site frequently as it is updated on a regular basis.  Most scholarships are either applied for on-line or the application is available on-line.  If it says “Application available in Guidance Office” the students can come to the Guidance Office and get the application out of the top drawer of the file cabinet by the window.  There are also several scholarship search engines listed on our website.

Scholarships for specific colleges can be found on that school’s website.  Apply early!

The Local Scholarship program will be introduced to the seniors on Tuesday, February 19.  We have many local organizations and individuals who very generously support our graduating seniors.  Holiday break is an excellent time for students to start preparing for the local scholarship process by putting together their high school profile, including school activities they’ve participated in, community/church organizations they’ve been active in, awards received, community service hours served, etc.  Most local scholarships will ask for all or part of this profile information.  The deadline for those applications will be April 1.  The Local Scholarship website will not be updated and ready to use until the February 19 kick-off, so please do not try to rush the process by submitting early applications, as those applications will be disregarded.

If a college or scholarship requires an “official” transcript, students can request those from Ms. Cummings in the Guidance Office.  If it requests an “electronic” transcript, you can download that from your PS Parent Portal by logging into your account and going to “Document Vault”.  Feel free to call 436-5704 with any questions.

Every year there is scholarship money that goes unawarded due to lack of applicants.  We highly encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity available to help finance your child’s post-secondary education.

Good Luck!