The Vinton Garden Club, a member of National Garden Clubs Inc., District II and Central Region met August 31st, 2016, at the Vinton Public Library. Eight members answered roll call by answering “Are you successful at growing orchids”.

President Fran Stueck conducted the meeting.

Rosie Boisen read the minutes for secretary pro-tem, Anne Dake and Sharen Stueck gave the treasurer’s report.

The Iowa Natural Heritage magazine was shared with the members.

Michelle Foshe-Gibson, Garden Therapy chairman reminded members of the Sept.14th therapy at Virginia Gay Hospital Annex/Rehab. The club held flower therapy on July 6th at Windsor Manor. All members were present.

Fran noted a monetary donation from John Scherbring for the club’s care of his flower bed. The members will be setting up time to weed and dead head at Tilford’s perennial flower garden

Fran attended the judges’ symposium held in Marshalltown, Iowa. They had excellent speakers for both design and horticulture. The meeting was held at the Fischer Building in Marshalltown.

The members held a silent remembrance for their club member, Joyce Bratten, who passed away August 28th. She will be missed greatly. Anne Dake offered to act as secretary for the day. Joyce had been our club’s secretary.

Michelle presented a great program on orchids, including the do’s and don’ts to growing orchids in your home. President Fran Stueck thanked her for a great presentation.

September meeting to be held September 28th at the home of Rosie Boisen.

Anne Dake, Secretary Pro-tem.


The Vinton Garden Club member of National Garden Clubs, Inc., District II, and Central Region met 1:00 pm, September 28, 2016 at the home of Rosie Boisen, with the following members answering roll call “What do you use to clean your hands and nails after working in your garden”, Susie Hansen, Sharen Stueck, Fran Stueck, Rosie Boisen, Michelle Foshe-Gibson, Bristol Gibson, and Lu Anna Hawkins.

Secretary minutes were read by Rosie Boisen. Sharen Stueck presented the treasurer’s report.

Committee reports: no new correspondence; no new memberships. Michelle, garden therapy chairman thanked everyone for a fun and successful time of flower arranging at Virginia Gay Hospital Annex/ Rehab. Residents had a great time making 35 arrangements.

Plans are now set in place for plant division and weeding at Tilford’s perennial flower bed. Fran will coordinate with principal, Mr. Murray for a date to do mulch on the flower bed, which will include help from the students.

Sharen Stueck offered to co-chair with Winifred Nolan from Van Horne’s Floralia Arrangers Guild, to run the flower show during Benton County Fair in 2017. T

Ted and Fran Stueck attended the National Garden Club meeting in Portland, Maine, September 22-24. Fran was on the nominating committee for officers elected for the 2017-2019 period.

Upcoming events – Smokey the Bear poster contest for elementary kids. Work was done on the 2017 calendar to decide hostess and programs. A nominating committee of Sharen, Lu Anna and Michelle were appointed.

Fran Stueck was elected as Central Region Director for the term 2017-2019.

The program presented by Rosie, was making sugar scrub to be used to clean those dirty garden fingers. Each member had a container of scrub to take home with them.

October meeting will be at the home of Anne Dake. Ann Harrison will be presenting a program on helping our feathered friends during the winter.

Anne Dake accepted Vice President duties, and Rosie Boisen accepted secretary’s duties for the balance of the year.

Rosie Boisen, Secretary


The Vinton Garden Club member of National Garden Clubs, Inc., District II, and Central Region met October 26, 2016 at 1:00 pm at the home of Anne Dake. Special guests were our District II Director, Nancy Weber, Deloris Lynch of Independence (Anne’s mother), and Ann Harrison, program presenter “How to take care of the birds in the Winter”.Fran presided over the meeting. The following members answered roll call, “favorite winter bird”: Sharen Stueck, Fran Stueck, Anne Dake, Rosie Boisen, Michelle Foshe-Gibson, and LuAnna Hawkins.

Rosie read the minutes and Sharen presented the treasurer’s report.

Correspondence received from Marshalltown Garden Club (Vicki Otto), about the Nov. 5, 2016, presentation of Accents of Entertaining. Cost is $20. Other correspondence was from ISU MG regarding February 25th, 2017 symposium to be held in Independence. Membership- no changes; No flower therapy since last event. Notes from an article that Rosie had seen. It was written by Scott Kelly after his return from his year on the International Space station. He grew zinnias in the garden on the ISS. Rosie presented the published booklet to the Vinton Library.

Members – Michelle, Bristol, Sharen, Anne, Ted and Fran worked at the Tilford flower bed, getting it ready for mulching.

Fran took the Smokey The Bear poster contest to Tilford . Our club will be doing the judging in January.

The nominating committee presented the ballot for election of officers for the years 2017-2019. President: Rosie Boisen; Vice President: Anne Dake; Secretary: Michelle Foshe-Gibson; Treasurer: Sharen Stueck. Other committee appointments at later date.

Fran, Sharen and Rosie representing our club, Jeanne Mann representing Cottage Garden Club, and Floralia Arrangers Guild members, Winifred Nolan, Carla Albertson, Pat Franzenburg and Janet Knaack met to discuss preliminary plans for our District II meeting to be held next year at the Van Horne Community Center. Discussed possible presenters which Fran will contact. Went over luncheon ideas, getting registrations mailed out, and what to have for table center pieces. More meetings will be held after the first of the year.

Fran said Mrs. Mollie Noren from Tilford will work to get our club the name of a family that we can help out at Christmas. This project will replace our mitten and caps program that the club has done in previous years.

A change in meeting time and place for December 7 meeting, the club will eat out then hold their meeting at the Vinton Lutheran Home prior to their garden therapy program with their residents.

Dues were paid for 2017. Executive committee will meet to update the club’s by-laws.

Rosie Boisen, Secretary.