By Rosa Boisen

The Vinton Garden Club, a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc. District II and Central Region met at 1 PM, on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at the Benton County Conservation Office. Van Horne Floralia Flower club had several members in attendance to hear our speaker, Jane Buck, speak on invasive plants. Jane is the chairperson for the Invasive Plants of Iowa (Both state and regional chairperson). Both clubs appreciated the great program.

Host and hostess were Ted and Fran Stueck.

Meeting was called to order by President Rosie Boisen at 2 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance and Conservation Pledge were recited by the members.

The roll call was answered by “do you have any invasive plants on your property”. 8 members answered roll call.

Secretary’s Minutes: Michelle Foshe read the minutes from the April meeting. Minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer’s report was presented by Sharen Stueck… . It was noted that our plant & bake sale net was great. President thanked everyone for their hard work. Several bills were presented for payment. Motion to approve all expenses was made by Anne, seconded by Michelle. Motion carried. Treasurer’s report will be filed for audit.

Correspondence: Rosie read thank you from our scholarship recipient, Erin Cantrell.

Michelle read a notice from the Garrison Farmer’s Market. She handed out fliers for members.

Fran had thank you notes from Roger Buhr (designer at our Dist. II mtg, and from Julene Kramer the new state president.

National Gardener and other publications:

**Rosie noted the nice article in the Federated Garden Club summer edition on Fran in her new position as 2017-2019 Regional Director.

**Fran had an article from Our Iowa magazine, about a “prettiest farm’ that she thought might be a good trip for the club in the future – it is close by.

Old business – Rosie restated the success of the club’s plant and bake sale.

**Ted, Fran, Sharen and Anne planted new perennials at Tilford on May 25th.

**Michelle, Bristol, Sharen and Rosie pulled weeds, planted flowers and put down mulch at the Scherbring flower bed. It was noted that we need additional mulch. Fran will take of it.

**Rosie presented Erin Cantrell with the Vinton Garden Club scholarship award on May 10, 2017, at the high school.

**District II meeting at Van Horne, Iowa, was a nice success. Rosie expressed her appreciation for all the hard work the clubs members did to help it be a success. Our club was presented with the districts traveling “Challenge Trophy”, with special comments from Nancy Weber, outgoing District II Rep. about our work with the kids at Tilford and Shellsburg elementary schools for which we received a certificate to acknowledge this

work, as well as the other projects that our club does in the community. Vinton Garden Club also received the following awards/certificates: Advance rating-book of evidence; Blue ribbon year book; blue ribbon club. Rosie accepted the awards on behalf of the club.

**Ted and Fran went to National Garden convention in Richmond, Virginia.

**Fran read off a list of the regional winners in the Smokey The Bear contest. She will provide the secretary with that list.

**Reminder of the Central Region meeting in Wisc. Dells, Wisconsin. October 5-6, 2017.

**All planters for the Vinton Parks and at fairgrounds have been planted. President thanked everyone for doing a great job.

New Business:

Next week is National Garden Week . Rosie handed out a list of places where we take fresh flower arrangements to. Then members went over the list of places and assignments were made as follows:

Susie – Vinton Public Library and Cedar Valley Times

Anne – Virginia Gay Hospital front desk and Virginia gay Hospital Annex

Michelle – Garrison Public Library

Bristol – Garrison Post Office

Luanna – Shellsburg Post Office

Rosie – city hall offices and Vinton Unlimited

Fran & Ted – Cedar Valley Bk, Farmers Svgs Bk, and Regions Bank.

Rosie thanked everyone in advance for doing this.

Ted and Fran will be attending the State Flower Show in Ft. Dodge, IA., on June15-16, 2017.

President Rosie Boisen told club members that the scholarship dollar value needed correcting in our recorded minutes. Anne moved to approve to correct club’s records to show correct amount. Motion was seconded by Susie. Motion carried.

Rosie handed out some of the new guidelines for designs – these were presented at the District II meeting by Roger Buhr. For our club, it will not affect the 2017 open flower show that is held during the Benton County Fair in July.

Next meeting was held June 28, 2017 at 8:20 a.m. at the Benton County Fairgrounds (secy’s. bldg.) Susie provided brunch, and our guest was Marti Bergman to help us with our design techniques.

Reminder we may still be doing flower therapy in July at the Lutheran Home. Discuss next meeting for a confirmed date.

Meeting adjourned. Secretary Michelle Foshe