Teresa Erger created “Be the Change,” a new fitness program designed to also help local causes, in an attempt to inspire and connect local residents as they also try to improve their physical health.

Erger partners with a national movement called REFIT.

“It is a Christian-based fitness program that uses positive, uplifting music to inspire, change the lives, motivate, and focus on human connections,” Erger says. “I decided to call outreach program Be The Change. I feel if people are given a chance to join a fitness program that focuses on the people, their emotions, provide support, encouragement, and is free of judgement, it would have a huge impact on how fitness is viewed.”
Erger does not charge a specific fee for the classes, but does accept donations.
“I encourage free will donations or allow the participants to determine what they feel the class is worth,” Erger says. “I then take out just enough of the proceeds to pay my expenses and then take the rest of the money and donate it to local charities, non-profit, community events, or donate it to a family in need. The month of May I chose to sponsor Okee and Randi Walker in their efforts to go to Haiti on their mission trip with a group from Blessed Hope Church.
“I meet with Blessed Hope church yesterday and presented them with $438 from the donations collected during the month of May. For June, the donations will be going to Robin Dunbar and her family to help with the costs of her medical expenses. The month of July donations will be going to Virginia Gay Hospital and their Reach out and Read program.
For more information about exercise program times, email Erger at tergerbtc@gmail.com or see her Facebook page HERE.