Ellen Olson bids on the Grinch-themed tree.

The Virginia Gay Hospital Tree Walk fund-raiser was a success again this year, as hundreds of people bid on more than 50 trees, wreaths and other items for the auction that ended Tuesday.

A few of the trees were so popular that bidders arrived just before five to make sure they had the chance to submit a final bid.

One of the most popular trees was the “Grinch” tree, which Ellen Olson bought with a final, last-second bid of $350. Someone else had sent a friend to bid on it, so Ellen found herself increasing her bid several times before the 5 p.m. deadline.

Finally at 5 p.m., she was declared the winner, after a final bid of $350. Several other trees also had people gathered around, in hopes of making sure they were the final bid.

Ellen said she bought the tree for her two grandchildren, hoping that one day they will remember the year Grandma had a Grinch tree. Ellen exchanged laughs and hugs with her mom, and several friends, as well as the competing bidder. Ellen and her friends from the Eden Aid Society also donated a tree which featured a farm theme; that tree brought in a winning bid of $250.

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