There will be a free Retirement Gap Seminar hosted by Wilson-Hite Insurance on Thursday, May 10 from 3:30-4:30 at Vinton Country Club.

If you aren’t prepared retirement properly, with this gap you’ll likely have to spend down your assets much quicker than planned.  Income gaps happen when your needs unexpectedly change and your expenses suddenly exceed your budget.

One thing to consider when planning for retirement is that technology has brought us a long way, especially medical technology.  Twenty years ago, a stroke typically meant you died within a short period of time; now you can live another 20 years easily after a stroke.

Are you prepared to live to your 90’s?  Is your savings prepared for you to live into your 90’s?

There are five risks for financial viability as you head into retirement- longevity, market volatility, inflation, excessive withdrawal risks and medical expenses.  I hope you will consider attending this very important presentation.

Please rsvp to reserve your spot today at or calling 319-472-2379.