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A photo will be posted on the Vinton Unlimited Facebook page at 9am starting on Saturday, April 15 and then again during the week of April 17th. The photo will be of an item that is up for grabs in our local stores. It is up to you to identify the object and the store!


The mystery item is found in ONE of the participating stores. Visit the stores to see if you can locate and identify the item. The first person to find the item gets to keep it!


  • Each item is located on the normal sales floor.
  • No item will be located in a cabinet, drawer, closet, etc.
  • Item will be within reach without the aid of a chair or stool.
  • Participants must be respectful of store displays. Damage and disruptiveness will not be tolerated.

The lucky winner is encouraged to post a selfie with the item to the Vinton Unlimited Facebook page to let others know the item has been found.

Participating stores include Arnold Motor Supply, Birker’s Bows & Iowa Crafters, Cameron Clothing, Clingman Pharmacy, Henkle Creek, LaGrange Pharmacy, Michael & Dowd, Nature’s Corner, Three D Kitchens, Viking Sewing.


You can still participate without a Facebook profile, just visit our website to view our Facebook news feed.