The Survivors of Benton County are planning their 5th annual Party in Pink 5K, which takes place at Riverside Park on Friday, June 23, during Party in the Park weekend.

The survivors, joined by their friends and family member as well as running enthusiasts (and walking enthusiasts!) have gathered each year since 2013 to raise awareness of breast cancer and to raise money for the Virginia Gay Hospital Gifts of Hope Foundation, which provides funding for health care services for women who request assistance.

VGH Foundation Director Robin Martin says that of the $77,000 raised for the program in the past several years, approximately $35,000 has come from the Party in Pink 5K. The program has paid about $40,000 in medical expenses for women who could not afford them during that time. See more about Gifts of Hope, and how to apply for assistance, HERE.

Along with T-shirts, memorabilia for this year’s Party in Pink will include caps like the one pictured here, visors and other new items. The deadline for receiving a t-shirt upon registration is June 11.

See the event Facebook page HERE.

Click HERE to register for the 5K