Denny and Ann Williams unveiled the sign at the new pickleball courts Thursday.

Denny and Ann Williams, Vinton residents who winter in Florida, learned to love pickleball during their past winter, and wanted to make the activity more available to local residents. So they made a donation to the Vinton Parks and Recreation Dept., which along with money from the Louise Gilchrist Charitable Trust, helped pay to transform one of the tennis areas into a four-court pickleball area. Denny and Ann unveiled the new sign Thursday before Ann cut the ribbon.

Denny Williams said that since he and Ann began playing this past winter, they now play almost every day.
 Assistant VPRD Director Matt Boggess said pickleball is rapidly growing in popularity. VPRD leagues included 20 teams last year and may have as many as 30 this year, Boggess said. For many years now, VSHS students have had regular pickleball contests in the high school gym.
“Almost everyone under 40 has played pickleball in gym class,” says Boggess.
The Williams, and several others, played a few games after the ribbon cutting.
Pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. It can be played inside or outside, with using paddles that are slightly larger than ping-pong paddles, but smaller than tennis rackets. The court is roughly half the size of a tennis court, pickleballs are plastic, with many small round holes in them.
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