From NOW until October 13, FOTSI is selling Scratch Cupcakes! All cupcakes will come in packages of 6, which can be viewed at:
Once you select the package(s) you want, you can order by:
1. Emailing us (,
2. Message our Facebook page (Friends of the Shelter, Inc.)
3. Contact a FOTSI representative
4. Come to our Adoption Center (211 W. 4th Street, Vinton) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7pm.
But, wait! This deal gets even sweeter!
When the cupcakes are delivered to our Adoption Center November 2nd, they will be frozen! Scratch recommends freezing them for up to three months, although they have had customers go much longer! This means you can order as many packages as you’d like without having to worry they’ll spoil before you get to them…just in time for the holidays!!
FOTSI will receive 40% of each package sold! The funds raised will allow us to care for more homeless animals, provide necessary vetting for our adoptables, purchase daily care and cleaning supplies and much, much more! Now we know you’ve never had an incentive to eat sweets like that before!
*Payment options will be emailed to you once you submit your order!
Have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask! Ready to place your order? We’ve got a pen in hand! 

​​**Please forward this message to your friends and family! Contact us if you’d like to help us sell!
Don’t forget – our shoe drive is still going for another TWO weeks – drop off your shoes and place your cupcake order!!