VORC is partnering with Lions Club for an Earth Day clean up. We will start at 8:00 a.m. and work until noon (and maybe an afternoon session of 1-5). The group will meet at the Lions Field (Behind Riverside Park) and begin work on the front line of trees, with a goal is to clean up the area and let the original trees and plants thrive
We will be clearing out invasive honeysuckle, garbage and fallen trees.
If you have yard/garden rakes, work gloves, and tree “loppers”, it’d be great to have the additional equipment.
People of all abilities are welcome.
Some of the cleanup will involve some heavy lifting of big pieces, as well as a LOT of arm loads of sticks, raking leaves/sticks, trimming back branches, pulling/cutting out weeds & small growth, etc.
The public is invited to come out and volunteer.