Benton County residents have been nominated for four-year terms on the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Extension Council by the council’s nominating committee. Their names will appear on the Nov. 6, 2018, general election ballot.

Nomination Chair, Harold Knaack, 1003 1st Ave.Vinton announced the candidates. They include current members seeking re-election Allison Hicks, 1922 62nd St. Dr., Garrison; John Holst, 2626 63rd St., Vinton and Brian Mc Nulty, 2545 75th St., Watkins and new candidates seeking election are Sue Birker, 5503 27th Ave. Dr., Vinton; Katie Sackett-Stadheim, 2425 Meadow View Dr., Urbana; Dean Williams, 2653 55th St., Vinton; Sharla Wrage, 1375 60th St., Dysart.

Council members whose terms expire at the end of this year, in addition to the incumbents listed above and are not seeking re-election are Shannon Feuerbach, 1443 69th St. Keystone and Matthew Marovec, 604 East 1st St., Vinton, said Greg Walston, Benton County ISU Extension and Outreach Program Director.

To complete the nomination process, the candidates who have agreed to run must file nominating papers with the county auditor by 5 p.m. on Aug. 29, 2018. Additionally, individuals who were not nominated may file petitions containing the names of 25 registered voters to have their names placed on the ballot. Petition forms are available at the county auditor’s office and at the county extension office.

The extension council is the county governing body for ISU Extension and Outreach. Council members hire county staff, manage the county extension budget and help determine programming.

“As an extension council member, you represent your county in a partnership with Iowa State University; it’s a good way to give back to your community,” said Terry Maloy, director of Iowa Extension Council Association. “Through interactions with ISU Extension and Outreach staff, extension councils provide research based educational programs that are valuable to county residents.”

County councils contribute to a unique attribute of ISU Extension and Outreach – they bring research-based programs in human sciences, agriculture and natural resources, 4-H youth development, and community and economic development from Iowa State University to local communities. Council members and some 17,000 Iowa volunteers work with ISU Extension and Outreach to increase the staying power. Through partnerships, they provide resources, research and education to assist Iowans.

The nine-member council in Benton County includes four members who were elected to four-year terms in 2016 and will continue to serve until the end of 2020. They are Duane M. Fisher, 1976 53rd Street, Mount Auburn; Barb Schanbacher, 6975 32nd Ave., Atkins; Jean Schmidt, 7185 20th Ave., Van Horne and Greg Svoboda, 6136 33rd Ave. Dr., Shellsburg.