February 7, 2017

The Benton County Board of Supervisors met in regular adjourned session with Supervisors Wiley, Primmer, and Bierschenk present. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. Unless otherwise noted, all actions were approved unanimously.

Bierschenk moved/ Primmer seconded: Approve minutes of January 30, 2017, January 31, 2017 and February 3, 2017. Motion carried.

Primmer moved/ Bierschenk seconded: Approve payment of checks numbered 222243 through 222395, payroll checks numbered 139316 through 222401, and ACH deposits numbered 29983 through 30109, vendor checks numbered 222396 through 222401. Motion carried.

Primmer moved/ Bierschenk seconded: To authorize chair to sign sub-recipient agreement with the Iowa Flood Center and Benton County for the resiliency grant. There was a question on the amount, so need further investigation. So a motion to table the action by Primmer was had, seconded by Bierschenk. Motion tabled.

Deputy Sheriff, John Lindaman discussed tobacco compliance checks. This is a 28E agreement between Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division and the Benton County Sheriff. This is not budgeted money therefore Lindaman needs guidance by the board for authority to spend the money made off the yearly compliance checks. Pursuant to the agreement, the department may use this money paid for reasonable department expenditures. Lindaman advised they want to purchase new equipment for making children’s ID’s.

Primmer moved/Bierschenk seconded: To agree to the funding generated from tobacco compliance checks to be appropriately spent pursuant to the 28 E agreement. Motion carried.

Supervisor Bierschenk wanted to discuss what a sanctuary county was. Numerous individuals from the public were present along with local law officers to be involved in the discussion. Benton County was somehow listed in error as being a sanctuary county. Apparantly listed on an immigration website. The County Attorney confirmed that we are in fact, NOT a sanctuary county. There is no ordinance or resolution’s reflecting this. Research will be done as to how to get us off that list.

Budget discussions were had with individual departments such as: Relief, Mental Health, Veterans Affairs and the Attorney’s office. Those salaries that were held off last week were also discussed during this time.

Bierschenk moved/Primmer seconded: To approve $18 an hour for Sarah Wagner in the Relief office. Deb Fleming -$47,500, Edward Watts-$41,000 and Lori Siela -$ 41,000 in the County Attorney’s office. The increase of the wages will be paid out of the co attorney collections incentive fund (0095) for two years, and the withholdings’ and benefits will continue to be paid out of general supplemental fund (0002). Motion carried.

The board recessed for lunch at 12:00 p.m.

Reconvened the meeting at 1:00 p.m.

Bierschenk moved/Primmer seconded: To approve Resolution #17-12, temporary road closure. Motion carried.

R E S O L U T I O N #17-12

BE IT RESOLVED by the Benton County Board of Supervisor’s that the following described Secondary Road be closed for CONSTRUCTION effective from February 13, 2017, through the completion of the project.

From 68th Street near the NW corner of Section 4-T83N-R9W thence south 1 mile to 69th Street near the SW corner of Section 4-T83N-R9W along 30th Avenue in Fremont Township.

Signed this 7th day of February, 2017.



Todd A. Wiley, Chairman


Rick Primmer


Gary Bierschenk


Hayley Rippel, Benton County Auditor

Bierschenk moved/Primmer seconded: Approve advertising and hiring of seasonal/ part-time truck driver for secondary roads. Motion carried.

Engineer’s and Auditor’s budgets along with other budget discussions were had throughout the afternoon session.

Bierschenk moved/Primmer seconded: To adjourn at 4:05 p.m. Motion carried.


Todd Wiley, Chairman

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Hayley Rippel, Benton County Auditor