Let me introduce myself.
I wrote 5 books from 2004 to 2009 on the culture and subculture of the United States.
One predicted the rise of Trump and who are the players behind him. That one was called “Conspirators, Confederates, and Cronies.” It was updated slightly after Occupy And is currently available. It is re-titled, “Conspirators, Confederates, and Christians”
The predictions are based on solid behavioral science and criminological theory.
The next one was called “Wealth, Women, And War” It too is available. It predicted the Great Recession, and Occupy Protest.
Two others were metaphysical works. The last one was poetry.
I have a degree in Telecommunications Management from DeVry Institute of Technology, which just predates DeVry and Keller Management from taking over. I
I also have a Doctorate in Metaphysics from Universal Life Church. No one else was offering credential for 4 years of study in Earth Based Neo-Pagan Religion.
I am a First Occupier. I started supporting Occupy Wall Street in July of 2011. It hit the streets on September 17, 2011. I supported Occupy Wall Street via Twitter. I also supported all other Occupy actions as they popped up across the nation. I was a video archivist for Occupy Chicago, For a short time I was part of their social media team.
I have hours of video from Occupy Chicago, and I have more than 55,000 tweets in support of Occupy. I was so effective that for a short time the Chicago and Oakland Police Departments wanted my scalp.
My video from Chicago was used in a movie about Occupy titled, “99% The Occupy Wall Street Colabrative Film.”
During 2016, I was a Sanders delegate, at the county, district, and state conventions. This is in Iowa.
I am 60 year old American.
I am qualified to fulfill the duty as the County Recorder because I have acute attention to narrative details. I also being an in depth understanding of information technology, and where necessary will bring that skill to the Recorder’s Office.