Submitted By Superintendent Mary Jo Hainstock

The Vinton-Shellsburg School Board met in regular session on Monday, November 6, 2017 at the Shellsburg Elementary music room. Board President Levis called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM with all board members except Bartz answering roll call. Business Manager Barkdoll and Superintendent Hainstock were in attendance as were principals Kingsbury, Murray and Islas.

Under Audience Comments, Randi Walker addressed the board with her request to approve a late open enrollment out request for her daughter.

Under Administrator Reports, the board reviewed the written reports that had been submitted. Matt Kingsbury provided an update and overview of our Career Technical Education program; he encouraged all to attend the Veterans’ Day program on Friday and this weekend’s musical. Tony Islas shared attendance work and statistics from the high school.

Under the Superintendent’s Report, Hainstock shared routine open enrollment requests based on moving from one district to another from Jason and Anita Yessak on behalf of their daughter, Marissa, to continue with V-S; Eric and Shaun O’Dwyer to attend Cedar Rapids; and from Becky Beauchamp for her daughter and son to continue with V-S. I shared enrollment highlights that reflect we are up slightly in enrollment this year and the calendar of events.

Under Board Reports and Requests, Kathy Van Steenhuyse shared she had attended our high school students’ speaking engagement at city hall and plans to attend the legislative session Coralville in November.

Under General Business of the Board, the board reviewed the Consent Agenda Items. A motion was made and approved to pull out the open enrollment out request. The consent agenda items that were approved included:

Ø  Minutes from the October 9th regular meeting, claims, and financials;

Ø  Contracts with Buena Vista College, Mercer to provide voluntary Delta Dental plans; MCK Photo and Video Slow-Mo Video for post-prom; and a 28E agreement with Center Point-Urbana for boys’ swimming;

Ø  Personnel items included the mileage stipends for employees with multi-building or other district-wide duties; Emily Hanson as a transfer to serving as a half-time interventionist at Tilford; Chad Pettyjohn to be an assistant 7th grade girls’ basketball coach; Kathy Chamberlain to be in the Tilford Kitchen; Anita Yessak to finish out the year as a kindergarten teacher at Shellsburg; and Harold Shepard to be a girls’ basketball coach.

Ø  Early Graduate Requests from Brittney Bathke, William Sunlin, Katelan Brownell, Trey Rouse, Kaley VanderHeiden and Jessica Eberling.

The board voted to approve Randi and Okee Walker’s open enrollment request to Union on behalf of their daughter.

The board approved an application for allowable growth that includes additional authority for increases in the number of students who are open enrolled out but not on last year’s enrollment; for authority for a student who will be served more than five years in our English Language Learner program; and for newly enrolled students for a total of $120,797.58. The district will not receive any additional funding but this will allow the authority necessary to pay the bills associated with each category.

The board discussed the possibility of offering an early retirement program to part-time employees. In a review of records, there are not a lot of part-time employees who have 20 or more years with the district. The exception is within the transportation department. The board directed the business manager and superintendent to develop options for their review that would provide incentives to stay with the district instead of incentives to take early retirement.

The board approved interfund loans for up to $500,000 for the 2017-18 school year.

Business Manager Barkdoll reviewed the financial reports that are a part of each month’s board packet.

The board conducted the first reading on the 900 series of board policies that concern community relations.

The board reviewed the fiscal 2017 auditor’s report and voted to accept it.

The board proclaimed November 13-17 as American Education Week.

There was one audience comment expressing appreciation for the board’s support of the open enrollment out request.

Under Correspondence Items, the board reviewed the district’s certified enrollment numbers, graduation intentions for the class of 2016 from across the state, a press release announcing Clickstop’s support of Junior Achievement in the district, and a thank you from “Playing for a Cure”.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:32 PM.