There are a number of potential health care changes facing our country, and it may be awhile before we know the outcomes.
ASAC is a health care provider with expertise in substance use disorders. Like other chronic conditions, substance use disorders can be managed effectively, but often require ongoing treatment and recovery supports. Treatment enables people to counter the effect on the brain
and behavior, and supports people as they begin to live their lives in recovery.
Also like other chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma, a part of long term recovery can include having a setback. A lapse back to use of the substance does not mean failure; it simply means that treatment needs to be adjusted or that a new course of treatment is necessary. ASAC is here to help our patients determine the best treatment for them, which includes determining what care is needed following a setback.
ASAC continues to provide education about substance use disorders. Many of us know someone who has a substance use disorder, and so knowing the treatment language and experience can help us support our friends and family.
Barb Gay, Executive Director