The Benton County Conservation Department has received some complaints about possible cases of parasite-caused “Swimmers Itch” among swimmers who spent time in Hannen Lake recently.

After some people posted about this on social media, the Benton Co. Conservation Dept. Facebook page posted the accompanying image and this message: “At Hannen Lake this weekend there were some reports of swimmers getting a rash after being in the water. We believe that it might be “swimmers itch”. We do check the Lake regularly for bacteria and have notified the DNR about the incident.”

Benton County Conservation Director Karen Phelps explains what “Swimmer’s Itch” is:
“Lakes, ponds and small streams often get a parasite after a heavy rainfall,” she says. “Most often carried through snails in the water. This condition is known as Swimmer’s Itch. The human body is not a host for the parasite, so it soon dies after burrowing under the skin, causing the irritation of itching and welts.”
Conservation officials are working with the Iowa DNR and the Iowa Dept. of Health to monitor the situation.
“At this point it is not cause for alarm, but it does create discomfort,” says Phelps. “All our beach signs note this situation in possible and caution people to swim at their own risk.”

See more about Swimmer’s Itch from the CDC web site HERE.