By Carol Zander, Benton County Social Services

Tanager Place has recently received a grant to provide care coordination to children and families in Benton and Iowa Counties.  This grant allows us to work with children and their families from age 3 – 18, with or without Medicaid, and with or without a mental health diagnosis. The Tanager Place Systems of Care (SOC) program serves Benton and Iowa counties.

SOC links families to services and resources related to mental health, primary health care and can help you meet your basic needs.

SOC can give you support from professionals with experience raising a child with a mental health diagnosis. Families will be assigned to a three-person care team consisting of a Care Coordinator, Registered Nurse and Family Support Specialist.

This team is able to provide the following benefits:

· Help accessing mental health and primary care services

· Referrals to assist with basic needs

· Support from a trained Family Support Specialist with lived experience raising a child with a mental health diagnosis

· Advocacy in schools as needed (such as IEP’s & 504’s)

· Help accessing other community resources


· Youth between the ages of 3-18 years of age

· Youth with or without insurance of any kind

· Youth with or without a mental health diagnosis of any kind

Referrals/ More Information

· To make a referral or to seek more information please contact Mellette Drager (self-referrals welcome)

– Phone: 319-286-4530 – Email:

– Fax: 319-200-4368