Jessica Henkle, RN-BC, and director of Virginia Gay Hospital’s Nursing and Rehab unit, has announced that Virginia Gay Nursing and Rehab has received quality awards from an independent survey company in 11 categories of care. The award categories earned by the Virginia Gay staff this year include: Admission Process, Cleanliness, Communication from Facility, Individual Needs, Laundry Service, Nursing Care, Overall Customer Experience, Overall Satisfaction, Recommend to Others, Response to Problems, and Safety and Security.

“There were 14 Iowa care facilities receiving awards from Pinnacle Surveys,” explains Jess, “and only one other facility received awards in 11 categories. The average number of awards received by a facility was four.”

Pinnacle is an independent company conducting surveys of VGH Nursing and Rehab patients and their loved ones. The surveys are anonymous and are conducted over the phone by trained Pinnacle staff members. Pinnacle conducts over 150,000 phone surveys each year and works with more than 2,300 care providers in all 50 US states, Canada and Puerto Rico.

“Delivering high-quality customer experience in a skilled nursing facility is uniquely challenging,” says Jess. “Implementing new procedures, changes in staff members and scheduling, and doctors making changes to treatment plans can immediately change the care someone receives. That’s why we pay close attention to our Pinnacle survey results as they come in each month, along with the annual awards.”

Pinnacle samples and delivers data monthly allowing Virginia Gay Nursing and Rehab to remain constantly focused on the experiences of patients and loved ones, and to quickly respond when problems arise. Not only are respondents to the surveys asked what they’ve experienced, but if they give a negative score, survey personnel ask why the negative score was given so facility directors know how to improve their team’s performance.

“The quality of care we provide patients is consistently reflected in the a high number of customer satisfaction awards from Pinnacle over a period of many years,” Jess says, “and the quality of our care is also reflected through other independent quality measurements, like those shown for nursing facilities on The reasons we achieve such a high level of quality is that we don’t just react to problems, we solve them and we improve processes so issues don’t arise again. We can do that because we have a solid, dedicated staff.”

In response to the survey results, Mike Riege, Virginia Gay Hospital Administrator said, “We are extremely pleased with the professionalism and the care provided by Jessica and her staff. They do an outstanding job of delivering the same high standard of care that we expect from every department and staff member at Virginia Gay.”