Sonnie Evans receives her Academic Award from Mr. Islas Thursday.

Fayth Plower is one of several seniors honored for having at least a 3.5 GPA during her junior year.

Vinton Shellsburg High School students who maintained at least a 3.5 GPA during the 2017-2018 school years received Academic Awards during the annual presentation Thursday in the VSHS auditorium.

Before the presentation of awards to the students (listed below), the audience heard some advice on life and learning from VS School Board President Rob Levis. Levis cautioned the recipients of the VSHS Academic Awards to be wary of success that comes to easy, and to choose friends who can challenge them. "Run with people who are faster, study with people who are smarter and socialize with people who are more positive," he said.

See photos of the award recipients receiving their awards from Mr. Islas HERE. The seniors, juniors and sophomores listed below earned at least a 3.5 GPA during the last school year.

Class of 2020 

Leah Bohnsack

Spencer Cantrell

Charles Dudley*

Franki Evans

Sonnie Evans

Zandalee Graves

Sam Griffith

Payton Haefner

Morgan Hansen

Hunter Hazen

Joanna Hendrickson

Jesse Hepker

Davia Herger

Cameron Karr

Lillie Lamont*

Caroline Lang*

Madison Novotny

Katelyn O’Brien

Jordan Pattee

Alyssa Reynolds

Rylee Scheel

Ryan Schoettmer

Raeleigh Schulte

Catherine Steele

Amy Thomas

Hanna Timmerman

Lauren Upmeyer

Jillian White

*Denotes 4.0 GPA

Class of 2019

Christopher Clements

Olivia Coder*

Alexzondria Diveley

Casey Funk

Nolan Haisman

Kaitlyn Halstead

Cassandra Hazen

Allissa Hendryx

Eric Henkle

Grace Horst*

Sadie Mauer

Cassandra McClain

Katelyn Noren

Brock Ortner

Seth Patterson

Grace Petrzelka-Gage

Mercedes Phelps

Fayth Plower

Weston Powers

Brock Radeke

Grant Ries

Sarah Schminke

Claire Smith

Taylor Spies

Rebecca Steffen

Morgan White

Isaac Wiley

*Denotes 4.0 GPA

Class of 2021

Isaac Allsup

Brayden Almquist

Joseph Anderson

Madison Atkinson

Kailey Bahmann

Ayden Bearbower

Clarissa Carolan

Elias Colsch

Emma Dickinson

Sophia Dilley

John Engler

Brooks Erickson

Kayla Griffith

Mackenzie Hansel-Walker

Christina Harrelson

Conner Hicok

Abigail Howe

Lucy Howes-Vonstein*

Katelyn Humiston*

Brynn Johnson

Philip Kalina

Elijah Kalous

Allison Kemp

Ryan Lane

David Lapan-Islas

Noah Lindauer

Lauren Murray

Keira Ott

Jesse Pladsen

Lydia Radeke

Maren Redlinger

Caleb Rickels

Ethan Rollinger*

Josephine Sagan

Katherine Seitz

Taylor Shipley

Julius Sloop

Chloe Tharp

Preston Tippie

Emily Trinkle*

Kyler Udell

Jaden Voshell

*Denotes 4.0 GPA