City crews cleaned the sidewalk area around the fire site before installing fence around the area.

Jon Clingman expressed his gratitude to Mike LaGrange and the rest of the employees at LaGrange Pharmacy for making space available for him and his staff to fulfill prescriptions since the business building, and virtually everything inside was destroyed in the fire that started Thursday evening.

“I love these people to death,” said Clingman, of his new daily colleagues. Clingman customers can call the same number, and still reach the staff of Clingman in the LaGrange Pharmacy area. Customers can also continue using their smart phones or the Quick Refill link on the Clingman web site.

Clingman said he had met with insurance adjusters Monday morning.

Saying that his heart wants to rebuild in the building he purchased in 1989, Clingman says there are “a million things up in the air,” and many details and options to sort through before any decision on the building and business future can be made.

Wright Pharmacy had operated in that building until 1989 when the Clingman family moved to Vinton and purchased the business.

City crews barricaded the site Monday, and traffic at the intersection was re-opened.

The Vinton Police Department is asking the public to respect barricades and fencing and avoid crossing those lines for their own safety. The investigation into the cause of the fire is still ongoing and had been hampered by the condition of the fire scene and the persistent fires under the debris pile, according to the VPD.