Dear Conservation Anonymous Donor:

On behalf of the Benton County Conservation Foundation, I would like to personally thank you for your generosity. Your thoughtfulness, not only this year, but in years past, continues to exemplify your dedication to conservation and all things wild.

Your donation, valued at over $120,000, will continue to grow over the years, as you intended. It is our pleasure and mission to use funding from your donation as you requested for habitat improvement. As a dedicated outdoor enthusiast, you have grown passionate about our natural world and see the need to preserve it for our future generations. The joy of hunting, fishing, birding, recreating in the outdoors – all our part of our natural heritage – a heritage that must be preserved for our children.

Your anonymous legacy will carry on in the hearts of all those who find inspiration in wild places.

Our sincerest thanks to you,

Karen M. Phelps Executive Director, Benton County Conservation