Raeganne Neilson with “Sandy” during rehearsal for Annie.

Leapin’ Lizards! ACT1 of Benton County is pleased to announce the reprise of the famous musical ANNIE! First staged by ACT I in 2003, it delighted audiences.

With a perfect combination of street-smarts and optimism, Annie warms the hearts of the audience as we witness her rise from next-to-nothing in New York City. She is determined to find her parents, who left her at the orphanage years ago. Though things don’t quite work out the way she has planned, she does manage to thwart the plans of the evil Miss Hannigan and find a new family with billionaire Oliver Warbucks, his secretary Grace Farrell, and her lovable pooch, Sandy.

Join us September 8, 9 and 10 at the Tilford Elementary auditorium for this high energy, family-fun musical directed by Alexander Vasquez and Joan Cooling-Noeller.



Molly: Lily Collingwood, Ellie Groom
Pepper: Chloe Mossman, Elise Smith
Duffy: Sophia Vasquez, Jazmyn Dods

July: Carmen Henkle, April Cline
Tessie: Patience Kies, Julia Johnson
Annie: Molly Haisman, Raeganne Neilson
Kate: Zoey Kriner, Lily Miller
Orphan Chorus (Opening Night): Brylee Bruce, Grace Gilbaugh, Darby Glynn, Emma McClure, Elsa Page, Kaelyn Pettyjohn, Charleston Steinke

Orphan Chorus (Closing Night): Brylee Bruce, Chloe Cline,

Sophia Dilley, Darby Glynn, Sydnee Hansen, Ellery Johnson,

Elsa Page, Charleston Steinke

Orphan Dancers (Opening Night): Alana Fleming, Katelyn Fleming, Haylee Karr, Karsyn Nichol, Brynn Staab, Madalyn Staggs, Gracie Whelan

Orphan Dancers (Closing Night): McKenna Kingsbury, Sophie Mossman, Karsyn Nichol, Emersyn Svoboda, Mieke Ternus, Baylee Wheeler, Shai Williams
Miss Hannigan: Shelley Haisman
Bundles McCloskey: Greg Walston
Apple Seller: Debbie Cline
Dog Catcher: Casey Cooling, Eric Upmeyer
Stray Dog: Copper James Cooling
Officer Ward: John Mossman
Sandy: Doc Fleck

Eddie: Chris Overturf

Sophie: Holly Overturf
Adult Chorus (Hooverville, NYC): Jared Cline, Terry Cline, Sue Gates, Patti Gilbaugh, Mike Glynn, Alyssa Groom, Mitch Mensen, Melody Spence, Amanda Waters

City Kids (Hooverville, NYC): Alex Funk, Henry Groom, Levi Mensen, Tucker Mensen, Presley Waters
Radio Announcer: Corey Cooling
Grace Farrell: Kelly Henkle
Drake: Mitch Mensen
Mrs. Greer: Sherry Stout
Mrs. Pugh: Lois Martin
Cecille: Monique Smith
Annette: Monica Funk
Oliver Warbucks: Nathan Groom
Mansion Servants: Jared Cline, Chris Overturf
Star-to-Be: Newelle Dalton
Rooster Hannigan: Alexander Vasquez
Lily St. Regis: Joan Cooling Noeller
Bert Healy: Greg Walston
Fred McCracken and Wacky: Steve Arnold
Jimmy Johnson: John Mossman
Sound Effects: Charley Cooling
Bonnie Boylan: Brylee Bruce
Connie Boylan: Charleston Steinke
Ronnie Boylan: Elsa Page
Harold Ickes: Chris Overturf
Frances Perkins: Alyssa Groom
Cordell Hull: Ray Bookmeier
Henry Morganthau: Jared Cline
President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Dave Gates
Louis Howe: Mike Glynn
Judge Louis Brandeis: Mark Mossman

*Children in the opening night cast are listed first.

Opening Night Cast performs Fri. 7 PM, Sat. 7 PM, and Sun. 2 PM

Closing Night Cast performs Sat. 2 PM and Sun. 6 PM

Annie Performance Dates & Times:

Friday, September 8 at 7:00 pm

Saturday, September 9 at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Sunday, September 10 at 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm

Get your tickets: HERE