Rebecca is painting a class room yellow.

By Joshua Richards, Cedar 1

            On June 23 Cedar 1 drove from Vinton, Iowa to Flint, Michigan to serve with the City of Flint on a project called Operation AmeriCorps through August 10. The team is assisting the city’s 11 public schools with a summer camp, cleaning up brush and trash around school grounds and painting stencils on hardtops.

Jamal and Blythe are putting in the final touches of a United States outdoor map.

The summer camp that Cedar 1 is helping to facilitate is a Science, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM) Camp at Potter Elementary School. Steam Camp is a weeklong camp for students that just finished kindergarten through eighth grade. The camp is totally free and provides breakfast, lunch and snacks to the students. Cedar 1 is spilt up amongst the grades assisting teachers with their lessons and activities.

In just a month of being there, Cedar 1 has served with four of the schools where they painted stencils and a class room, removed brush and trash, and completed a walking audit. A walking audit is walking around the neighborhood to record obstacles for children who are going to be walking or biking to school in the fall.

The team has also been busy completing independent service projects (ISPs) while in Flint. Some of these projects included the Flint Water Festival on July 4, were Cedar 1 managed games for the children at festival and Habitat for Humanity, which they put down grass seed at 2 houses and organizing their workshop.