Cedar 7 member Christopher assembling a fence cage for a wood duck while members Levi and Aliza constructing a roof panel for one of the three raptor bird cages.


By Ramion Smith, AmeriCorps NCCC Member

The AmeriCorps NCCC team of eight from the North Central Region campus of Vinton, Iowa, served their first half of the second project round at The Marsh Haven Nature Center in Waupun, Wisconsin.

The AmeriCorps NCCC team aided this organization by assembling a fence cage for a wood duck, assembling door, roof, and wall panels for three raptor bird cages and two vestibules, and removing invasive species such as Garlic Mustard and Buckthorn.

Cedar 7 has disassembled, relocated and reassembled three raptor bird cages for barred owls; shoveled and spread 2 tons worth of gravel into the raptor cages; removed two hundred pounds worth of invasive species.

The mission of Marsh Haven Nature Center is to provide a refuge for visitors and wildlife, where engaging activities are facilitated to spark environmental awareness so that nature is appreciated, conserved and celebrated.

The team took advantage of a service learning opportunity by taking a pontoon boat tour of the Horicon Marsh to get a different view of the area, learned why it is important to monitor nest boxes, and to get a close look at young tree swallows, purple martins, and bluebirds.

“Serving at Marsh Haven Nature Center gave me the opportunity to look deeper into Nature and understand everything better. Nature has been for me, for as long as I remember, a source of solace and inspiration. I’m so happy I had the chance to serve with Marsh Haven, it has been truly a great experience,” says Cedar 7 member Christopher.