Occassionally we open our email and find a note that says, “We miss our daily email from Vinton Today! What happened?”

Well the simple answer is that, we don’t know!

Please check your junk or spam folder to make sure it’s not hiding in there.

If it is still not in there, please feel free to send us a note letting us know that you have fallen off of our email list.

Even if you’ve sent us a note already, just so we know who we are still missing, please email us again!

We are in the process of having our tech elves get out their tool box to see if we can fix this.

We’re are glad that you miss us, but we want to be back in your inbox asap!

So remember, check your junk folders one more time, and then if we aren’t there, email us at: vintontoday@hotmail.com to let us know we are still not there!