Benton Development Group, along with the Benton County Supervisors are proud to announce their partnership with Home Base Iowa to become a Home Base Iowa County! Please join us at the Benton County Courthouse lawn on June 19th, from 11 am – 12 pm for a ceremony designating Benton County as a Home Base Iowa County.

Although Iowa is currently facing an unemployment rate of 2.9 percent, it has been rated the #1 best state in the country, according to a study done by U.S. News & World Report. Home Base Iowa is a one-of-a-kind program that connects veterans and transitioning service members, and their families with opportunities and benefits into communities, like those in Benton County, that are welcoming, safe, affordable and family-friendly.

“Benton County is so excited to be part of this program.” Says Kate Robertson, Benton Development Group Executive Director, “Iowa has always been a welcoming environment for veterans and we want to make sure that these veterans know, as they are leaving the service and entering the workforce, that there is a great opportunity in Benton County.”

Within our HBI county, each business entity has the opportunity to apply and become a Home Base Iowa Business. Home Base Iowa Businesses are businesses that have committed to hiring transitioning service members and veterans for semi-skilled and skilled positions in Iowa. By becoming a Home Base Iowa County, we are pledging to do our part to facilitate a smooth transition for veterans and transitioning service members into our community.

To learn more about becoming a Home Base Iowa Business, visit: