Roni Frye, the “R” of J and R Sanitation (along with her husband, Josh) speaks with employees as they deliver garbage and recycling carts to Vinton households. Beginning next week, items will only be picked up in carts with closed lids.

With the retirement of Herb Boots from the garbage collection business, Vinton had to look for a new provider, and found the winning bidder locally.

Josh and Roni Frye began J & R Sanitation, formerly J &R Enterprises, in 2006.

“We bought our first truck in 2008, and we still have that truck,” said Roni Frye, as she worked with employees who were preparing to deliver garbage and recycling carts to every household in Vinton.

Roni, a Vinton-Shellsburg alum, says the couple are Benton County natives and are very familiar with the local solid waste needs. Vinton will become J & R’s biggest client, although the company has been serving Garrison and Luzerne for several years.

“When we learned Herb was going to retire, we began working on getting Vinton,” says Roni.

The new company means several big changes for Vinton residents.

First of all, all items must be placed in the garbage or recycling carts. That, explains, Roni, is because the company uses a truck with an automatic arm that dumps each container.

The second big change is that while garbage will still be collected weekly, recycling will only be collected every other week.

Along with the informational fliers accompanying the garbage and recycling carts, there is a refrigerator magnet which highlights which weeks that recycling pick-up will occur.

The third change is that pick-up will occur only three days each week. On Monday, pickup will happen north of the railroad tracks and east of C Avenue. On Tuesday, it takes place east of C Avenue and south of the tracks. Wednesday pickup will cover all areas west of C Avenue.

Another change, a benefit for those who prefer recycling: J & R will pick up glass jars and food-grade items (but not plate glass or dinnerware) along with other recycling items, including paper, cardboard and plastic. Previously, recycling glass meant taking it to the Benton County landfill.

Vinton City Clerk Cindy Michael said she expected there would be a “learning curve” for residents adjusting to the changes.

Because J & R will be charging the city more per household, residents are likely to see a higher garbage bill in the near future. Roni explains that the price is a reflection of what J & R has to pay.

See more information on the J & R website HERE.

See the instructional sheets for recycling and garbage carts below